Our Approach


“We help you understand your life and your outlook on wealth for the long term”

Establishing Your Objectives

Our approach to wealth management begins with a thorough understanding of you: where you are now and where you want to be over time. Your concerns are as important to us as your ambitions.

We call this act of discovery an “A” to “B” – and it is the first and most critical step in helping you pursue your wealth goals. It leads to the development of investment guidelines within a customized strategy designed to preserve and build your wealth.

Helping you set practical, sensible goals is based on a clear knowledge of the challenges you face as well as the aspirations you hold. Whether we are helping you with investments, structuring wealth transfer, streamlining your cash and debt management or managing retirement income streams, we strive to create actionable strategies and paths to help as you seek to achieve your objectives.

We realize that you may have multiple goals for your wealth and your family. We will help you prioritize and manage the strategies and tactics we think will be helpful to keep these goals in sight and in sync.

Setting Your Strategy

Many times, clients come to us after they’ve tried to manage significant portfolios alone, or when they haven’t been well counseled. Also, a strategy that made sense at age 45 may not be the advisable path at age 65. We strive to make suitable portfolio recommendations based on your best interests, and we can help you draft written procedures outlining the process as you move toward your goals.

We will help you design a holistic investment strategy and asset allocation that we believe can help you actively pursue your goals, while respecting your unique tolerance for risk. We use sophisticated financial modeling applications to help us create your portfolio.

These results guide us in advising you on wealth management. We emphasize capital preservation strategies, while striving to minimize taxes and maximize the income your portfolio can generate.

Implementing Appropriate Solutions

In making portfolio recommendations, our team considers equity, balanced and fixed-income holdings with these critical directives in mind: a tested asset allocation, a broadly diversified base of holdings and close scrutiny of investment expense.

We help you map our innovative, forward-thinking strategies and tactics that target your specific objectives. We may also recommend alternative investments such as commodities, REITs or hard assets.

Where appropriate, we also work with outside portfolio managers who bring specialized skills to a particular investment sector or approach.

Reviewing and rebalancing

Our team strives to deliver a superior service standard to clients, including frequent consultations so that we remain up-to-date on your changing needs. We appreciate the opportunity to answer questions and discuss concerns while simultaneously giving you timely insight on the markets. In addition to carefully monitoring your investments and asset allocations, we track the progress you are making toward your financial goals. We may recommend rebalancing the portfolio annually or as needed to keep it in line with your agreed-upon investment objectives.


There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Alternative investment strategies involve greater risks and are only appropriate for the most sophisticated, knowledgeable and wealthiest of investors.