Our Values


A foundation of trust, a reputation of integrity

We understand that the trust of clients must be earned every day. The Mahoney Group demonstrates its integrity one relationship at a time, and we appreciate the trust clients have placed in us. Managing wealth is a tremendous responsibility that we embrace with gravity and respect.

Building solid relationships

Our service is built on solid relationships. We are fundamentally involved in our clients’ financial lives, understanding their needs and constantly looking to exceed their expectations. Our service philosophy is simple: We build relationships and we get things done – period.

Encouraging open communication

We pride ourselves on developing an ease of candid communication with clients, no matter how sensitive the issue. Clients feel comfortable and confident that they can share with us the essential information we need to work effectively with them. We want to be the first call to discuss business purchases, mergers and sales, impending family changes and retirement or health concerns. We work closely with your other advisors (attorneys and CPAs) so that your most important financial matters are thoroughly examined and that your strategies are in alignment. As your life evolves, you can rely on our resources and the breadth of our experience to help you navigate complex financial issues to your best interest.

Using Data to Address Risk

We view research as central to the investing process. It is the first step in building a strategy. At Raymond James we have access to best-in-class technology solutions.